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We give you 5 reasons why you should choose us:




Today, with more than 20 years of experience as sheetmetal and composite technicians, in which we have developed countless repair projects, we are enthusiastically facing a new stage of growth and diversification.
We have taken on the challenge of opening our own Repair Station and in this way reach the quality and experience with which we have developed every job from the beginning. We want to continue advancing based on responsibility, innovation in our processes, trust, credibility, excellence in work, transparency in the relationship with our clients of interest, rectitude in our actions and respect for the community and the environment.
All this is reflected in the delivery of a work done according to the standards demanded by the manufacturers, the obligations as Repair Station certified by the FAA and above all the quality required by each of our customers.


CAS has a vision of growth and development of the company in a comprehensive manner. Achieve high quality standards, which will be the basis to maintain the confidence and preference of our customers. This will allow us to participate more in the market, becoming a more profitable and competitive company.

Our mission is to deliver integral solutions that meet the needs of our customers, in the areas of Aircraft Composite. Providing added value and quality to each service, which will become satisfied customers to maintain long-term relationships.

It is our responsibility and commitment:

- Practice the values ​​and principles of CAS.

- Comply with legal, regulatory and other requirements.

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